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Captain Bob Humphrey

Thank you for your interest in fishing with Sport-Ventures. My goal is to provide you with an enjoyable quality experience.

Meet Captain Bob Humphrey

Captain Bob Humphrey has literally spent his lifetime on the water. He was on boats before he could walk and, according to his parents was even conceived on a boat. Early childhood summers were spent on family trips boating up and down the New England coast from Maine to Rhode Island. Beginning in his early teens, Bob served as the mate on his father’s charter boat, the Falcon III, a 38-foot custom-built sportfisherman that ran scuba and deep sea fishing charters out of Salem, Mass. He and his father, Capt. Hale Humphrey, also fished from Cape Cod to Maine on several different harpoon, handline and rod and reel boats during the seminal years of the New England sport and commercial tuna fishery.

After graduating from UMass, Amherst with a degree in wildlife biology, Bob spent two years in Alaska where he worked in the salmon fishery running a fish tender and gill netting salmon. He then returned to Massachusetts where he began working on his Master’s thesis, while simultaneously serving as Manager of Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge in Chatham, Mass. For the next four years he spent nearly every day on the waters of Nantucket Sound and the outer Cape, fishing, hunting and working for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

In 1988, he moved to Maine where he first served as Acting Manager of the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve before taking on a consulting position with Woodlot Alternatives. While there, he worked along the coast of Maine from New Hampshire to New Brunswick on a broad variety of projects including writing Maine’s Oil Spill Response Plan for Wildlife and developing procedures for identifying and rating shorebird roosting and feeding areas.

In 1995 he launched his own consulting company, simultaneously becoming a U.S.C.G. licensed Captain and registered Maine Guide. He guided striper fishing on the waters of Casco Bay and the Kennebec River for a number of years, while also introducing his own children to the boating tradition. He also began a side career that eventually turned into a full time job as an out-door writer and photographer, and has since published several books and thousands of magazine articles, and has won multiple awards for his work.

He now resides in Pownal with his wife, Jane and occasionally his grown children, Helen and Ben. He continues to write and do occasional consulting projects.

Basic Information

Cruising Back

Time of Departure: Time of departure will vary according to the type of trip and we will be happy to try and arrange times that suit your schedule as much as possible.

Location of Departure: Boat typically departs from Royal River Boat Yard in Yarmouth, but arrangements can be made for pick-up elsewhere. Haraseeket River trips - Freeport Town Landing; Kennebec River trips - Bath Public Landing; Saco Bay - Pine Point, Scarborough; Saco River - Saco Public Landing on Routes 9/208.

Licenses: Maine now requires anglers to register with the Saltwater Registry. All anglers must be properly licensed.

Lodging: Lodging is not provided. We will be happy to provide you with a listing of local motels and campgrounds.

Transportation: We do not provide local transportation but will be happy to assist you in finding some if needed.

What to Bring:

Clothing: Be prepared for anything. Temperatures on the water can be ten degrees or more cooler than on the mainland, particularly in rain and fog. Always bring at least a light jacket or sweatshirt. You could be spending six hours in the sun so bring plenty of sunscreen. You may also want a hat, long-sleeved shirt, and long pants. A good pair of polarized sunglasses will help in spotting fish and protecting your eyes. Waterproof footwear is not essential, but wear something you don't mind getting wet. Passengers are responsible for their own food, beverage, cooler and ice. You may also want to bring an extra cooler if you want to keep your catch.

Other Equipment: We will supply all the necessary bait & tackle unless you are fly fishing. However, you are welcome to bring your own. If you have a rod & reel combo you're comfortable with, or a favorite lure, bring them. We are currently not equipped with extra fly-fishing tackle, but will take fly-fishing-only charters or combo trips, provided you bring your own tackle. You should also bring a camera.

The Trip: There is no such thing as an average trip. Each charter is specifically customized to suit the particular wishes of the client, and modified according to fishing/sea/weather conditions on any given day. Let us know what you want, and we will try to arrange a trip for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Have To Sign The Confirmation For Booking?
So we all understand each other. Your confirmation has the date, trip description, total trip cost, cancellation policy and directions to the place to meet your boat. By signing this you are saying you have read all of it and there will be no surprises on either end. Your vacation day is valuable, don't take a chance on having one screwed up by a company that won't put your charter on paper for you to reference.

Are We Guaranteed To Catch Fish?
No. That’s why it’s called “fishing.” We will do our utmost to see that you do catch fish but there are some-times circumstances beyond our control - weather, fish movement, other anglers/boaters or uncooperative fish - that work against us.

Falcon IV at Dock

Can We Keep Our Fish That We Catch?
Yes, in most cases. Anglers may keep all fish caught, the number and size of which are allowed by state and/or federal limits. The only exception is bluefin tuna, which are property of the vessel. The Captain may, at his discretion, gift part or all of a tuna that is below the legal length limit for commercial sale.

What do the Rates Cover?
Our rates cover everything that is described for each specific charter. There are no additional charges for fuel, bait or tackle. We understand that tackle is sometimes damaged during the normal course of fishing. However, if we feel that equipment has been lost or damaged due to a negligent or malicious act, the angler will be expected to provide replacement cost. The only other expense is tips, which are gratefully accepted.

Are There Bathrooms On The Boats?
Yes and No. The Falcon IV has a full head with sink and toilet. The Green Machine has no toilet facilities whatsoever.

What If I Get Seasick?
Once the boat leaves the dock, anglers are responsible for the full cost of the trip, regardless of whether it re-turns early due to sea sickness. The Captain may, at his discretion cancel or suspend a charter at any time he deems there is a health risk. In that event, passengers may be entitled to a partial refund.

Do I Have To Tip The Fishing Guide?
Nobody ever has to tip, but it is expected and certainly appreciated. It is customary to tip the captain or mate 15 - 20 percent of the trip fare (guide only when both are present). If you do not tip we will assume you had a bad experience and may contact you to determine what we did wrong as part of our quality control.

Can We Extend Our Fishing Charter While Out There?
Absolutely. We establish time limits as a guideline. If the fish are biting and circumstances allow, we may occasionally extend the limits at the passenger’s request. In the case of tuna fishing, if we hook up, we keep fishing until the fish is caught, released or lost.

Can We Bring Alcohol?
Yes. Adults over 21 years of age may bring and consume alcohol, in moderation. Passengers will be responsible for themselves and their companions. The Captain may at any time and at his discretion terminate a char-t er should any passenger become inebriated to an extent that represents a hazard to those aboard.

Can We Bring Marijuana or Any Other Controlled Substance Aboard?
Absolutely Not. - Regardless of State law, The U.S. Coast Guard prohibits it, and possession of marijuana aboard any vessel in state or federal waters could lead to forfeiture of the vessel and loss of the operator’s credentials. If you bring it aboard, you are assuming full liability for any and all consequences that may result.

If We Choose to Come In Early Will We Still Be Charged Full Price For the Trip?
It depends. We try to be reasonable in working with our clients and understand they may encounter more than they bargained for. However, customers should understand that reserving a date/day for them prohibited us from booking another client, and therefore represents a loss of income. HOWEVER... If you book a full day trip We have to charge a full day rate no matter how long you stay out as we took that boat off the schedule completely for the day just for you.

What If We Do Not Show Up And Do Not Call?
We charge you in full. Please see the confirmation section at the top of the page.

How Many People Will Be On The Boat With Us?
It depends on the type of charter and the boat. Our boats can carry up to 6 passengers. However, we typically do not recommend that many on fishing charters. We prefer 2 on the smaller boat and 4 on the bigger one. This provides more comfort and angler opportunity. We will never, under any circumstances, bring more than 6 passengers.