Pelagic Seabird Trips

What is a Pelagic?

Pelagic Seabird

The word pelagic means “of the sea.” Similar to pelagic fish like tuna, sailfish and marlin, pelagic seabirds spend most of their time on the open ocean, except for a brief period when northern species nest in arctic and subarctic tundra or remote coastal islands. Other-wise they’re rarely seen from shore, and a boat trip is often the only way for birders to get a glimpse of these ocean wanderers. The category includes a variety of seabirds including petrels and storm-petrels, shearwaters, jae-gers, skuas and gannets.

Sport-Ventures conducts customized pelagic birding trips for groups of up to six. Call well in advance to arrange specific dates. All trips are subject to cancellation due to weather.

Pelagic Seabird





If You Go:

You may be going as far as 15-25 miles offshore where weather and sea conditions can vary considerably.

Seasick Pills - Once the boat leaves the dock it will not return until the trip is over. Even on the best days, the slow, rolling swells can get to you, and on the worst...

Sun Protection - On the open ocean you’re exposed to direct rays of the sun as well as those reflected off the water. You should have sunscreen, hat, proper clothing and polarized sunglasses.

Optics - Binoculars are a must and those with motion stabilization are even better. Forget the spotting scopes as there is too much motion but bring your camera and a long lens as birds often come in close range.

Field Guide - The best way to identify and learn your pelagics is with a book.